What is a VLCD?

The MooSlim VLCD Plan is classed as a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD).

A very low calorie diet (VLCD) is a clinically supervised diet plan that involves eating a maximum of 800 calories a day.

A VLCD plan traditionally replaces your normal food with low-calorie shakes, soups, bars, or porridge containing milk. The MooSlim VLCD plan, however, differs in that you can still eat your favourite meals, the recipes of which have been modified to ensure a much low calorie content. This, in turn, allows you to still get some of the benefits of a regular diet plan but with the swift weight loss associated with a VLCD plan.

How much weight can I lose on this plan?

If the MooSlim VLCD Plan is followed correctly, there is potential to lose between 3kg-10kg in between 7-30 days depending on the plan you choose. The exact amount is dependent on several factors such as your daily physical activities and metabolic rate.

What are the health implications of a VLCD?


The NHS advises that VLCDs are typically for adults who are obese – defined as having a BMI over 30 – but should not be the first option to manage obesity.

These diets should only be followed under medical supervision for a maximum of 12 weeks continuously, or intermittently with a low-calorie diet – for example, for two to four days a week.

Most people who want to lose weight do not need to follow a very low calorie diet.


What are the possible side effects of a VLCD?

VLCDs may not be nutritionally complete and provide far fewer calories than most people need to maintain a heathy weight.

A Daily limit of 800kcal is about a third of the average energy needs for a man (2500kcals) and half needed for a woman (2000kcals).

It is important to know that a VLCD is not an easy diet to follow and apart from feeling hungry and low on energy, other side effects can include:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Constipation or Diarrhoea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Cramps
  • Hair Thinning

How long should I maintain a VLCD?

While VLCDs can lead to short-term weight loss, most people tend to put the weight back on gradually after coming off the diet as they resort back to old eating habits.

VLCDs are not a long term weight management strategy and should only be used as a wider weight management plan.

It is therefore imperative that you follow the MooSlim Cool-Down diet after you complete the MooSlim VLCD to minimise this risk and get you back into a healthy routine without the associated weight gain

Is a VLCD right for me?

Before you begin the MooSlim VLCD, you should make sure you see your GP to ensure that it’s the right choice for you.

VLCDs are the most restrictive form of dieting, severely reducing your calorie intake, so medical supervision is important.

A VLCD may be right for you if all three of the following apply:

  • You’ve already made healthy changes to your diet and level of physical activity
  • You’re still classed as obese (Your BMI is 30 or over)
  • You’re no longer losing weight

VLCDs are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

VLCDs are not suitable for children and people with certain health conditions, such as eating disorders.

They should only be a last resort option and followed under the correct medical supervision

You should only follow the MooSlim VLCD if your GP agrees that it is a good idea.

How does the MooSlim VLCD Plan work?

The MooSlim VLCD plan works simply by lowering your daily calorie intake which is proven to lead to weight loss due to Ketosis. Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead. When you are eating conventional food which is normally high in carbohydrates or calories (i.e. you are not on a weight-loss plan or diet) your body will make energy by converting kilocalories in your body. The production of glucose is involved in this process and is stored as glycogen. When you are on the VLCD plan, your level of glucose becomes depleted as your calorie and carbohydrate intake is reduced significantly. Therefore, on a VLCD, your body will automatically take its energy directly from your fat stores (hips, thighs, waist etc). In summary, when you are on a VLCD your body naturally uses up or ‘burns’ your existing body fat (which is why you lose weight quickly initially).

When your existing body fat reserves are used to produce energy they go through a process called Ketosis. This is the scientific name for when the liver ‘burns’ (oxidizes) the fat. This creates substances called Ketones and the process is known as ‘being in Ketosis’. Ketones are a naturally formed chemical chain of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

During Ketosis you will literally be living off your own fat – and losing weight quickly and efficiently. You will remain in Ketosis and producing Ketones until you cease your MooSlim VLCD plan.

When does my body go into Ketosis?

When you are on a VLCD your body should automatically go into Ketosis after about three days. All you need to do then is to follow your MooSlim VLCD and carry on as normal with your life.

A useful tip is to increase the amount of water that you drink. Being in Ketosis means that you will lose more water in the form of urine. Drinking more water will encourage the breakdown of more fat as the Ketones that are expelled in your urine are replaced with new ones produced as fat is being burned up. Drinking water will also keep you feeling hydrated and will also benefit your skin, hair and nails. Above all, Ketosis is perfectly natural. It actually developed genetically as part of evolution when we were cavemen and women to allow our bodies to survive in times of famine (e.g. in between food being available from our hunting expeditions).

How to avoid a weight loss plateau and weight gain after the plan is over?

Due the significant calorie reduction, it potentially shocks your body into a semi-starvation mode, it is for this reason that the diet plan should not be continued long term, that and also because after a while your body reaches a plateau where it adjusts to survive on the lower calorie intake and weight loss ceases or reduces.

To combat this, we have formulated the MooSlim Warm Down Diet Plan, which will provide your body with a higher daily calorie intake that is enough to beat the plateau but not bring an onset of weight gain associated with coming off a VLCD plan.

How to combat increased drop in energy levels associated with a VLCD?

When you start a weight loss plan, you may experience a temporary drop in energy while your body adjusts to your new diet. This is very normal and you should be mindful it in order to work to counteract the reduced energy levels. Just remember to hang in there. Once your body adjusts to your new lifestyle, your energy levels will soon regulate.

It is for this reason we offer the MooSlim “Energise-Me” Capsules which provide you with essential minerals, vitamins and ingredients to promote energy levels. The capsules contain Green Tea extract and can help boost your energy levels whilst giving you that extra sharpness to conduct your day to day optimally.

How to combat increased hunger cravings associated with a VLCD?

Naturally when you drop your daily calorie intake, you may experience feelings of hunger, because your body is getting less food than usual. To counteract this, we offer the MooSlim “Hunger-curb” capsules which contain Apple Cider Vinegar which helps curb hunger and it can also reduce your body fat percentage, make you lose belly fat and decrease your blood triglycerides.



How many meal replacements can you get out of one tub?

It depends on what portions you require. There are two portion options, you can either use 1 x 30g scoop with 150-200ml of water for a normal portion, using this portion amount will give you 30 servings per tub, the alternative is 2 x 30g scoops (60g) with 250-300ml water for a larger portion, using this portion amount will give you 15 servings per tub.


How much did you weigh at your biggest and at your smallest? You look amazing!

First of all, THANK YOU! Second of all, my heaviest weight this time round was 84kg (UK Size 14-16) and my lowest this time round was 72kg (UK Size 10-12), however, when I did this VLCD a couple of years back, I went down to 57kg (UK Size 8) from 86kg (UK Size 16-18).


Can you do it Post-Partum?

A VLCD is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. So unless you are not breastfeeding, I wouldn’t recommend it. Seek Medical advice about going on a VLCD if you are unsure.


The weight you lost on this, can it be maintained?

Naturally when you go on any very low calorie diet, going back to a normal amount of calories suddenly will bring an onset of weight gain. For this reason we have formulated the MooSlim Cool-Down Diet which serves to ease you back into a more sustainable calorie plan. It adopts a calorie count higher than the VLCD but still lower than the average person’s calorie intake, it also incorporates a daily exercise routine that can be done in the comfort of your own home.


How long have you been on the diet and are you going to keep going down in weight?

I started on 25th November 2018 and did it for a month then took a break and started again beginning of January. I am going to do it until I get to my goal weight of 58kg.


How much is it to purchase the plan to the US and do you deliver to the US? You Look amazing mama.

The plan itself is an E-book and is just £5 GBP. If you choose to get all the supplements needed for a month supply, there’s a package available that’s gives a discounted rate for all the supplements when bought together and includes the E-book for free included within the package.


Do you go to the Gym? Or Exercise at home?

Due to the low calorie intake of the VLCD, I did not go to the gym or do any exercise. The Cool-Down Plan that is recommended once you reach your goal weight or when you complete the VLCD, does however have a mini exercise plan that can be undertaken at home - which can be replace by going to the gym if you prefer.


Is the diet still effective with just one tub of capsules and one tub of the shake?

Because this plan is dependent upon your calorie intake, it can be done using food alone so long as you keep your daily meals within your calorie limit. Some people find it easier to use the meal replacement shakes as they are filling, keep you within your calorie intake and require minimal preparation (just throw the powder in with water into a blender). Furthermore, the capsules serve to make the experience easier by providing ingredients, vitamins and minerals that are proven to aid in weight loss.


How many calories do you have daily?

A VLCD on average allows about 800kcals a day. You are free to adjust based on your preferences and body capabilities. When I follow the diet strictly, I am usually on about 600-700 kcals.


I need to lose 18kg in two months, I am not sure which shake to order?

18kg in two months is too ambitious and because our body will often go through a plateau when we subject it to such a low calorie intake, you will need to take a break if you want to restart the diet again. In terms of the shake, all shakes contain approximately the same ingredients and calories so just choose the flavours to your taste.


Are Whey protein shakes only for people who do strength training?

In summary, no. Yes they are used by people doing strength training, but due to their low calorie and fat content they are also suitable for people on a calorie controlled diet.


Do you deliver to the UAE?

We deliver worldwide, though shipping costs will vary. As long as you have a physical address that can receive packages, we should be able to deliver to your address.


Do you have the tablets and then have any food? Or is the shake part of the diet?

The purpose of the capsules is to aid in the weight loss as they have ingredients, minerals and vitamins that are proven to be effective in weight loss. They are not intended to be used as a Free Pass to eat anything you like.


How did you find out about it?

I have experimented with so many diets over the years, and this is just the diet that has worked for me in the past I have found, through trial and error.


Can you have the shakes only instead of the meals? Three times a day.

The beauty of this plan is it is flexible to your own abilities, if you need more meals you can switch some shakes to meals and if you feel like you can have less, you can switch your meals to shakes. Going on a strictly shake only plan will bring on drastic weight loss however it is not recommended to shock your body like that. If you need to lose weight really quickly and you are adamant to do it this way, you should not do it for more than a few days at a time.


Did you gain weight after you stopped the diet and how does this all work?


How do you stay consistent?

Whenever I stopped watching my calories, and went back to a much higher calorie intake (higher than the cool-down plan) the weigh would ofcourse creep back up – slowly. Whenever I felt this happen, I would just jump back on the shakes for a couple of days to counter this. This allowed me to still go out and sometimes drop the ball and eat what I wanted (within reason) without it compromising my progress so far.


Hi, I just started the diet on Monday and feeling tired but it’s worth it to be tired.

Absolutely, my personal opinion, is it is worth, it just comes down to how badly you want it. Saying this though, you should always listen to your body, so follow the diet strictly if you want to achieve the weight loss but on days where you feel very tired or your body is in need of more food, do not be afraid to have an extra meal and a day or two later you can swap a future meal for a shake to restore the balance if you like.


Can you take the tablets instead of the food and shakes?

Whilst the tablets alone will not be enough to lose weight at the rate as what is stipulated in this plan, they will aid your weight loss journey as you will be consuming ingredients that are proven to aid in weight loss.


Did you eat food as well, or just shakes?

Both. Depending on how I’m feeling, I either up the shakes or up the meals on any one day.


I still haven’t received my Ebook?

If you ordered the Ebook more than 24 hours ago and have still yet to receive it, it is possible that we do not have your e-mail on file. Please e-mail your order number to contact@modestbyt.com and this will be sorted for you right away.


Is this diet similar to the KETO diet? And what are the pills for?

The difference between the Keto diet and a VLCD like the MooSlim Plan, is the Keto diet is a low carb plan whereas the MooSlim VLCD is a low calorie diet. However, both diets bring on the onset of the natural process of Ketosis which is the body using up its own fat stores due to the significant decrease in energy from normal consumption of food. The capsules each contain different ingredients which have been proven in studies to aid in weight loss. They are not medical and they are made up of natural active ingredients (such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea etc) and minerals and vitamins which are correlated with well-being.


How many calories do the shakes have?

The shakes when made with one scoop portion of powder mixed with water contain 114 calories, using milk instead will increase the calorie by about 100 calories and using two scoops per portion will double the 114 calories to 228 calories.


What do you recommend for beginners? The shake or tablets?

Definitely the shake, as that is the meal replacement element of the plan. The capsules are there to aid your weight-loss journey and give you that boost to try and prevent falling off the diet. For example, the hunger-curb capsules are there to aid in curbing hunger which is likely when you decrease your calorie intake, the energise-me capsules are there to aid when your energy levels drop, which again, is associated with decreasing your calorie intake and the detox-me capsules are there to help promote the digestive processes and counter any effect low-calories has on the passing of stool.


Hunger Pangs, how do you deal with them?

Honestly, there are 2 ways I combat this. Firstly, if I begin to feel hunger, I will have a tablespoon of whatever the hell I want and wait 20 minutes, usually 20 minutes later they go because our stomach capacity is actually quite small (despite what we think) and if we just gave our food time to get to it (about 20 minutes) we would feel satisfied. Secondly, in the event this does not work on some occasions, I will just eat as much as I like of very low calorie foods, my go-to is cucumber or berries.


Do you have any sugar in your diet or just staying away from sugar?

I can eat whatever I want, my main focus is my daily calorie limit, so as long as I am within that I don’t really limit myself on food choices that are already made. Saying that, to keep my calories low, I do swap sugar for sweeteners to keep my calories in check when I make things like coffee and tea.


Best Product to lose weight on the stomach area?

The Hunger-Curb capsules. These contain apple cider vinegar and several human studies show that this vinegar can increase satiety, helping you eat fewer calories and lead to actual pounds lost on the scale. It can also reduce your body fat percentage, make you lose belly fat and decrease your blood triglycerides.


Is this diet a lifestyle change or not?

At first instance the VLCD is a diet. It is not recommended to be on such a low calorie diet for a long period of time. However, it definitely serves to get you in the habit of eating less which in many cases is the reason we gain weigh to start off with. Furthermore, the MooSlim Cool-down Plan, works to get you back into a more normalised calorie plan that can manifest into a lifestyle change. The shakes are also a good weight to reduce your calorie intake when you get back to a normal calorie diet by replacing some meals here and there with them.


Are you extremely strict on yourself during the diet?

When I am going hard, i.e. I am trying to get the pounds off quickly, yes, but at other times ai just use it as a way to regulate my calorie intake when I overeat at times.


Do you not feel poorly at the start with such massive changes to your diet?

Yes and no. Yes, because to say such a drastic diet change doesn’t affect your energy levels would be a lie, but this is often shortlived because of the results you see, when you see results in such a short space of time, it reignites your motivation as soon as it dips – it does for me anyway. It’s the same concept as you cleaning your room, and after about 3 hours of deep cleaning, you see very little change, it kinda puts you off finishing it, if on the other hand, after the 3 hours of cleaning you look up and your room looks almost done, it gives you that motivation to keep at it till you get to the end, your goal.


What do you snack in between meals?

Any snack below 100kcals is allowed and you get a couple a day, and you can freely add more or less to your daily meal plan dependent on if there is a shortfall in your meal calories or even if one of your meals went over. The EBook contains an extensive list of snack ideas plus their calorie content so you can manage it.


What gives you a sugar fix when you have cravings?

I like to have Blue Riband chocolate bars as they taste really good (not ‘low-calorie’ good but actually good) and they are only 99 calories a bar. I also sometimes have one stick from a Twix bar which is about 89 calories


I’m constantly hungry, 3 meals doesn’t cut it.

On this plan you have leeway to snack in between meals and if that isn’t enough, the hunger-curb tablets will help avert your cravings.


Hi, I’m so excited to try, are the tablets medically safe?

The capsules hold no chemical attributes and they are non-prescription. They contain all-natural and vegetarian/vegan (and halal) ingredients (see product pages for detailed ingredient list). They are in the most part vitamins and minerals that have been proven to aid in weight-loss as well as promote general health and well-being due to the ingredients they include.


Is this a short-term plan or can you continue to do it for the rest of your life?

The MooSlim VLCD is a short-term plan because it’s a diet plan intended to promote weight-loss, and doing something like that for the rest of your life isn’t logical as there is only so much weight anyone can lose. Saying this, it can be used to promote eating habit changes that can be followed through into your daily life after.


How quickly is the weight to come back once you reach your desired result?

Ofcourse if you revert to old eating habits, it will most likely come back as quickly as it came off, however, the likelihood that you would revert to old eating habits is unlikely, like I said, once you experience the weight loss and you enjoy the feeling of it, you will be more mindful what you eat moving forward, and although we recommend increasing your calorie content, we have formulated the MooSlim Coo-Down plan to assist you with making that transition without gaining the weight back on.


How many times can you eat what you want to eat?

Honestly, you can eat what you want, when you want, as long as you stay within your daily limit. You can have one 700 meal the entire day or you can have five separate 140 calorie meals throughout the day, it’s completely up to you and what feels better for your body.


Hi, what do you eat in the morning?

I prefer to have either half a toast of brown or rye bread with avocado and chilli flakes and a coffee, or porridge or an egg white omelette with different vegetables each time to switch it up on different days - sometimes spinach, sometimes mushrooms, sometimes both, sometimes tomatoes , sometimes I even mix in a table spoon of ketchup with my omelette (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). Breakfast is easy for me, because breakfast is breakfast to me, I don’t require that much taste change as I would lunch or dinner.


What supplements have you used during your weight loss journey?

I used the Slim-Me Shakes, Hunger-curb Capsules, and Energise-Me capsules daily, I also used the Raspberry Ketone Capsules which will be available to purchase soon too. The detox-me capsules I use every 2-3 days as I don’t always need them (their purpose is to help you go toilet).


Can I drink Coconut water on this diet?

Considering one cup of coconut water contains 45 calories, absolutely, personally I’m not a fan of the taste of coconut water but if that’s what you like then go for it as long as you are within your daily calorie limit.


I’ve been on the diet, but slowly running out of food options.

The MooSlim VLCD contains enough recipes to have something different for each of the 7 days of the week, and even more, whilst on the VLCD diet, because it is to some extent an extreme diet, priority shouldn’t lie in food choice as it should in sticking to the diet, this first month isn’t going to be easy, and rightly so, because you end up losing a lot of weight in comparison to an alternative diet plan. Saying that though, a new recipe book will be available soon that will include a large number of recipes that are all under 200-300 kcals and can be used for both the MooSlim VLCD and the MooSlim Warm-Down Diet.


How to lose weight being a vegetarian?

Many of the recipes are vegetarian or can have non-vegetarian ingredients substituted without compromising the recipe, and only a handful of recipes are not suitable. Furthermore, all our supplements are 100% Vegetarian.


Does the EBook include products from MooSlim or is it a separate diet?

The EBook is a diet plan that costs £5 and contains recipes that can be had throughout the plan. The Supplements need to be purchased separately and are often bought to make the dieting process easier – for example its easier to have a shake than it is to prepare a meal sometimes. If you’re busy, which a lot of us are, often on diets, you can compromise the diet by eating what is available there and then because you don’t have time, and this can sometimes be high in calorie or not conform to the diet conditions. The shakes allow you to stick to the diet as much as possible and maintain the diet in times like these.


Can  I have an example of what to eat in a day morning to Dinner including the shakes?

An Example of my day using the recipes in the EBook is as follows:

Morning: I take the Energise-Me Capsules 30 Minutes before breakfast and then for breakfast I’ll have half Wholemeal or Rye Bread with Avocado (105kcals) and a latte made with skimmed milk and sugar free caramel syrup (100kcals) – Total 205kcals.  If I’m having the shake for breakfast instead of an actual meal, I mix a bit of coffee and ice with the shake to make an iced ‘Mocha’.

Snacks: I snack on blackberries and sometimes on turkey salami slices that are very low in calories if I’m not feeling to eat fruit (can be bought from the refrigerator section of any middle-eastern grocery shop)

Lunch: 30 minutes before lunch I’ll take the hunger-curb capsules, and then for lunch I’ll have two portions of Chicken Paillards (91kcals each) with the Celery, onion & Orange Salad (89kcals) or any other salad. Total 271 kcals

Dinner: I’d have a chocolate shake with 2 scoops for dinner


Are you required to take supplements as part of the plan?

None of the supplements are compulsory but they will make the diet a lot easier.


How do you stick to it (Willpower)?

The results I get in such a short time fuel my willpower, when I see myself fit in smaller sizes it gives me a sense of euphoria that makes me not hungry anymore LOL. Plus I always remind myself that nothing tastes as good as thin feels …I read that quote somewhere and whenever I go in on my diet, it’s at the forefront of my mind.


How do you stop social events getting in the way of clean-eating?

I don’t. If I go out, I generally eat what I want within reason, but I would then have 3 meal replacement shakes without meals the following day to regulate.


How much have you lost since you started and how tall are you?

I’ve lost just over 10kg in under 2 months and I am 5’7. I’m lucky because the way my fat distributes, I appear slimmer.


Can you eat Chapatti?

Considering a chapatti has 110 calories, YES.


Did the shakes make you constipated?

Not always, but whenever I did feel constipated, that is where the Detox-Me capsules are helpful as they promote your digestive processes and the passing of stool.


Why does it taste so sweet? Is it meant to be that sweet or is it just how I made it?

It is quite sweet. I find most diet replacement shakes aren’t really that pleasant tasting, so I preferred something that can not only serve as a meal replacement but also satisfy tastebuds. If you do find it is too sweet, you can use less of the powder with more liquid or you can add some coffee to the blend to make an iced coffee.


I’m addicted to my caramel latte in the morning. What can I have instead that’s as tasty?

I still have Skinny Caramel Macchiatos from Starbucks, the tall is only 99kcals. But to incorporate this with the supplements as the shakes have added minerals and vitamins that coffee won’t have, you can add coffee to the shake and blend, it tastes like an iced mocha.


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